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Couples costumes are so much fun, whether it's you and your significant other, a friend or a family member. You can choose to go with something that reflects your personality, or get completely carried away with a fantasy ensemble for your next Halloween bash or themed party. You can always go with simpler couple's costumes like pirate guy and girl, football star and cheerleader, or prom king and queen. However, here are five costume ideas that are a bit more unique:

1. Elvis and Priscilla: For Elvis, you can go with the white Elvis suit, or any 60's style suit. If you have black hair, great, slick it into a pompadour, or pick up an Elvis themed wig and sideburns. Add gold sunglasses. Priscilla needs long black hair, with the bangs teased back into a barrette. Don't forget dramatic black liner (her signature), nude colored lipstick, and a short dress and go-go boots.

2. Bonnie and Clyde: Recreate the drama of this celebrity criminal couple. Clyde simply needs a suit and slicked back (preferably black)hair. Girls: A black flapper knee length dress, pair of high heeled shoes and makeup with heavy, dark eye shadow, bright red lipstick and blush. Accessorize your costume with guns.

3. Bert and Ernie: This one makes me laugh. You'll probably need to purchase this one online as it's a bit hard to recreate on your own. And no fighting over who gets to be Ernie!

4. Adam and Eve: This one can be a cinch to make on your own. You'll need nude bodysuits or tights, a cluster of leaves to cover those private areas, and a long blonde wig for Eve.

5. Fred and Wilma Flintstone/Betty and Barney Rubble: Whichever cartoon TV couple you prefer, you'll have prehistoric fun in these getups. Even better if you have two friends to go with you who could play the other Bedrock couple. Wilma: red wig, white cavewoman dress, large bead necklace. Fred: orange and black caveman outfit, black wig. Barney: brown caveman outfit, blonde wig. Betty: blue cavewoman dress, black wig and hair bow, large bead necklace.

6. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia: You need the signature buns for Princess Leia, available as a wig, or if you have long dark hair, you can do this yourself. For an outfit, Princess Leia can either wear the earlier white robe-style dress or the sexier gold slave bikini (similar to a harem costume). Luke Skywalker needs light-colored leggings and leg warmers, a white robe with a brown belt, and of course the light sabre.

7. Oktoberfest: This couple's costume offers a lot of versatility: the woman Oktoberfest costume can be sweet or sexy, with a shorter or longer skirt, with as much cleavage as you want to show. Braids or pigtails complete the look. It may take some convincing to get your guy to wear lederhosen and the green felt hat, but this is a great one if you can pull it off.

8. King and Queen of Hearts: Look for sexy red and black crinoline skirts and heart-covered bustiers for the queen, or go with a giant playing card for more or a cover up. For the king, either a giant playing card or a royal robe and crown complete this duo.

9. Light socket and plug: Another humorous costume, always a hit at any Halloween party, is the light socket and plug.

10. Tin Man and Dorothy: Follow the yellow brick road! You can really do any combo here: Dorothy and the Lion, or the Scarecrow, or the Tin Man. Dorothy: Blue and white checked dress with white apron, braids, a wicker basket and mini dog (real or stuffed)! The Tin Man costume is a full metal outfit, so make sure you can eat or drink in it before you go out!

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Top Couple's Costumes

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This article was published on 2010/03/31