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When it comes to Halloween, there's nothing like getting dressed up with pals and partying on down. Of course, this frightening festivity isn't all fun and games - unfortunately, it can even be quite stressful if you haven't already deciding what you're dressing up as! Thankfully, there are plenty of old favourites that always go down a treat at the Halloween party, so you'll never have to worry too much about looking out of place.

One of the old standards that is not only fun but easy and incredibly cheap is the ghost costume. All you really have to do is cut a couple of holes in a sheet to see out of and you're set - that is, unless you want to do a ghost outfit in style. While there are many old classics for Halloween, part of the fun is taking an old idea and making it different, so instead of the traditional sheet costume, you might want to splash out and get yourself a truly terrifying ghost outfit that will have heads turning all night long.

Speaking of turning heads, if you fancy a real eye-catching outfit then one excellent spin on the ghost costume is the headless ghost. This is a fantastic idea which lets you hide your face beneath a costume designed to appear as if you are tall and headless (so your eyes are in the costume's chest section, which is usually made of material you can see through) and you carry a dummy head in your arm. This particular costume is a fantastic, frightening and, quite frankly, unique idea that will get everybody talking at the party.

Some other popular costume ideas are yet more old favourites - vampires, zombies, witches and werewolves. The latter of these may be the most difficult to pull off, but there are some excellent werewolf costumes out there that are sure to elicit a scream or two from an unsuspecting party goer. And if you prefer to enter the party looking suave, then who better to go as than Count Dracula himself? This charming, but otherwise completely creepy character will allow you to see just who's brave enough to dance with the Count - just remember to take out those teeth if your vampire charm works as well as you hope.

When it comes to Halloween, you really can't have too many Halloween costumes, party supplies and all things spooky - so just be sure to stock up and you'll be certain to have a spooktacular night.

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Top Costumes for Halloween

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This article was published on 2010/10/13