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The Different Types of Tinkerbell Adult Costumes

Tinkerbell costumes are good fancy dress ideas that are basically flexible and have a lot of advantages. They're cheap, easy to make, and can fit in to almost any kind of costume party that you could think of. There are many different types of a Tinkerbell costume and that's what this article will try to focus on. So read on for a basic overview of this kind of dress-up apparel so you'll be more comfortable with the idea of wearing one.

The Basic Tinkerbell Look

If you search online for some basic information on what Tinkerbell looks like, then you'll certainly have an idea of what it is you should be wearing if you're opting to go with this style. Although there are many styles and designs to choose from, there happens to be one basic look; and that's the classical one that you see in most cartoon movies about her. She's dressed in a basic short green dress with a wand. Her dress is designed to look like it's leafy so as to go along with the over-all nature-themed ambiance of her image. Some movies of her illustrate her as wearing a very skimpy skirt and just a pair of slippers. That means she's not wearing boots, gloves, or bracers of any kind. She wears her hair in the classical pixie style and that she's blonde with a very lean body. She looks adorable in every way that you don't even have to wonder why girls of all ages like her so much.

Children's Tinkerbell Costume

A more prominently sold Tinkerbell-type costume is the one that's worn by children. Little girls often pick out fairy dresses for parties simply because of one popular fairy character; and that's Tinkerbell. Ask a little girl how many fairies she can name and Tinkerbell will certainly be at the top of the list. These little fairy costumes basically look much like the classical Disney fairy image except that they're designed for cute little girls. Their price range is about 19 dollars but you can certainly spend less for them if you know where to look. The internet has many offers and that you can pick out the right size for your child since some sites have the option of letting you choose within those categories. Apart from the basic green look of Tinkerbell's dress, these designs also come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Sexy Tinkerbell Adult Costumes

Tinkerbell costumes for adults are a good idea for women who want to look sexy as well as classy. Most of these costumes are designed to be very revealing than the average Tinkerbell classic style so as to enhance a woman's natural beauty. Some are designed 1 piece and some are designed with more than that. All in all, it's basically designed to make a woman look very sexy. These can be worn at parties too and are also ideal for a lot of special occasions. If you're looking to attract a particular guy's attention during a costumed occasion, a good sexy adult Tinkerbell costume is just right for you.

So that ends this article on the different types of Tinkerbell Costumes. There are more varieties out there, but these are certainly the most basic categories.

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Tinkerbell Adult Costumes

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