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With the release of the new blockbuster hit, GI Joe, fans are getting excited. The Storm Shadow character actually dates back decades. This character was made famous by comic books. Storm Shadow costumes are going to be some of the most popular buys this fall. Fans of this character are not only children. Adults will be wearing just as many Storm Shadow costumes as the younger set.

The child's version of the Storm Shadow character costume is just as authentic as the adult version. This costume plays great attention to detail. The kid's Storm Shadow costume comes with a ninja style top. This top also has an attached belt, which accompanies it, as well. The belt is a perfect accompaniment to this look.

This costume kit also includes a beautiful pair of pants, hood, and gloves. The gloves are white and perfectly match the rest of the costume. They are made of a satiny material, which allows freedom of movement. The great hood that comes along with this suit has true feel to kit. Your child will look like he just stepped off the big screen.

The fingerless gloves that complete this costume kit, also serves to give an authentic appearance. These gloves really mirror the whole character look. These are great accents to this GI Joe theme. Other accessories can make this costume, especially nice. One of these is the Storm-Shadow sword and sheath.

Both of these fit in line with this famous cartoon character. Your child will enjoy the real look of this weapon. It will also enhance the overall appeal of this costume. Shoes are also an important accessory. Finding the right white shoes, can put the final touch onto this costume.

The adult Storm-Shadow costume is extremely authentic! This costume includes the jacket, pants, hood, and gloves. These items will help to complete your adult Storm Shadow look. The jacket has a great since of style. It has the kimono style essence, with an attached belt. This costume is perfectly accented by the matching white pants, which accompanies it.

The hood and fingerless gloves, also provide, another touch of classic style. Both of these, really add to your ensemble. Typically, not included with this costume, are some fantastic accessories. One of these are the classic white shoes. You should choose the shoes that not only compliment your costume, but are also comfortable. It is important that the shoe style you purchase feels good.

Along with the shoes you'll need white socks. These are small items that add a lot to the overall appearance of your costume. And since no real Storm Shadow character, would be caught without a weapon, the sword and sheath are important. Some fans will buy two swords, which still keep true to the character. Others will purchase the ninja stars accessory. This is another replica weapon.

Your Storm Shadow costume will be absolutely great, no matter which accessories you choose. You will definitely be the hit of any party or event, you attend!

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Storm Shadow Costumes

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This article was published on 2010/03/27