Hints To Finding Memorable Couple Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a fun time for you to dress up and have some fun. Whether you are attending a costume ball, hosting a small party, tagging along with your children as they trick or treat or just answering the door for the kids who come to your door, you and your partner can team up as a dynamic duo in some of these classic Halloween costumes for couples.

Go to the hoe-down in a costume that will fit right in. Get you and your partner gussied up in matching cowboy and cowgirl costumes. Throw on a pair of dark pants, a fancy western shirt complete with fringes, sling a holster around your hips, toss some fake six shooters in for good measure, and pull your boots up. Now top that look with a cowboy hat and you will be able to rope just about anything you want to.

Fairy tale figures are common at parties and for dress up. It is easy for some women to transform their fancy dresses into something that looks like it came out of the stories, making it appear as if they were Snow White, Cinderella or even Red Riding Hood. Men who go in costume as a partner to their fairy tale spouse may want to dress up as a knight or prince or even as the Big Bad Wolf.

Who can resist the dream of being a superhero. With the male dressed up as Superman, Batman or Mr. Incredible, women can team up with their partner to fight crime as Wonderwoman, Batgirl or Mrs. Incredible.

Many couples like to play the roles of angels and devils. It allows them to play at being something they are not, and sometimes even something they might be. Dressing up like this can be a lot of fun for party-goers, and the costumes are easy to put together. A white robe with white wings and a halo are often enough to carry off the angel costume. For the devil, look for a red bodysuit or dress (depending on who is playing that role) with a red pitch fork and tail to make this classic costume.

Witches and wizards are common enough when it comes to couple Costumes. A long, flowing black gown, with a sorcerer's hat, wand and some creepy accessories are all it takes to complete the look. For those who do not have flowing locks, a long haired black wig can help to make this costume more realistic. Paint your nails black or sparkly colors and use black face paints to accentuate your eyes and lips.

Some people like the characters from their favorite animated series so much that they dress up as their beloved couples. You can go as classic cartoon couples like the Jetsons, the Flintstones, or the Simpsons for some animated fun.

You and your partner can have fun with acting out roles with a person in uniform. Have you ever fantasized about a sexy fire fighter, nurse or athlete? Here is your chance to have flirty fun by dressing up as matching (or contrasting) couples in costume. Go in the costume of a fire fighter, police officer, doctor, nurse or sailor.

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Hints To Finding Memorable Couple Halloween Costumes

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