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Are you excited about your upcoming Costume party at school or the October 31st celebration is drawing nearer everyday for the annual Halloween party but you still don't have anything to wear? Well, here is a great suggestion that you might want to consider especially if you are a girl; the Geisha Costume and the Jasmine Costume.

The Geisha Costume

The Geisha Costume is one great costume for every girl no matter what age group you belong to. But it will always be the better idea to have the Geisha Costume for older generations as the term Geisha has a more mature or adult history which you wouldn't want to be tagged with your little girl. Anyway, the Geisha Costume is a great costume for Halloween parties as well as simply a costume party because it can be easily spotted among a crowd.

If you are interested in having a Geisha Costume for your Halloween party or Costume party then you might want to take note of the following parts of the Geisha Costume that should not be missed:

First is the kimono, there are two kinds of kimono for the Geisha Costume because there's the old and historical kind of Geisha Costume and there's the modern one. Now, the only difference between the old and the modern Geisha Costume is the length of the skirt. Old and historical Geisha wear very long skirts which are typically ankle length. Modern Geisha Costume are shorter in length which are most likely to be above the knee, this type of Geisha Costume makes it sexier compared to the conservative look of the old kind of Geisha Costume.

Second is the pair of slippers. The Geisha Costume is always paired with a pair of slippers, not high heels, not sneakers or a pair of sandals; it is a pair of slippers.

Thirdly is the heavy make-up. The Geisha Costume will not be considered a Geisha Costume without the heavy make-up that all of the Geisha have to put on. Top on the list would be a very white foundation or base for your make-up and then very red lipstick, heavy blush-on and thick eyeliner as well. After getting every single point in the Geisha Costume you are ready to go!

You might also want to check out the Jasmine Costume that will fit for all age group as well as Jasmine from Aladdin portrays a wholesome image beyond the very sexy Arab costume. The most important part in a Jasmine Costume is the hair, the bra-like top and the silk pants, matched with gold round earring as well.

Planning on what to wear for a Costume or Halloween party could be tiring but it's fun. With these tips that you might want to consider start looking for the parts that comprises the entire look of a Geisha or Jasmine. But be sure to put a little twist and add your own personal creativity to it. You can choose to wear a sexy version, wholesome or funny one!

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Geisha Costume

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This article was published on 2011/09/26