Darth Vader Suit – Star Wars Darth Vader Character Suit Review for Halloween Costume Ideas

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Whether you're a Star Wars movie fan or not you have probably almost certainly heard of Darth Vader. He is the demonic character that is intent on destroying Luke Skywalker. Vader is recognized predominately by his completely blacked out mask, eerie electronic sounding voice and spine chilling breathing pattern. Yet as with any bad guy image there is always a bonus and someone willing to exploit it. Finding suitable Halloween costume ideas is never easy, but a Darth Vader suit certainly has a lot going for it.

When it comes to Halloween and choosing Halloween costumes a safe choice is always a Hollywood theme with the movie character wearing a mask due to the versatility that this type of costume offers the wearer all year round. Such costumes can be used for absolutely any function and not just Halloween events.

In some cases children love to get into character by dressing up and simply sitting in front of the TV and watch their favourite movie, all adds to the enjoyment I guess. It just would not be the same sitting watching a Star Wars movie dressed as a werewolf or vampire.

So when it comes to getting excellent value for money on Halloween costume ideas it is always a good plan to think what else that the costume could be used for throughout the year so as to save on having to splash out on several different outfits.

Children can in some cases be quite fussy when it comes to wearing some outfits, but almost anyone who has seen any of the Star War films featuring Darth Vader will want to embrace the character, especially if they get to use a lightsaber.

It is just one of those costumes that can be accessorized or be brought to life on its own simply by how the wearer expresses themselves. So we can see so far that the Darth Vader suit is a pretty good candidate, but there is even more that makes it even more beneficial.

The Darth Vader suit also hits the Cheap Halloween Costumes bracket, and this is how:

There are of course many costumes that fall into this league, but what makes the Star Wars Darth Vader suit that little bit more unique is the fact that because it has a blacked out mask the costume wearer can be a boy or a girl, man or woman. On top of that is the fact that in most cases you can buy it as a whole outfit or simply bits that can accompany something that you might already have, so great Halloween costume ideas can be easy when we look deeper into a specific character choice.

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Darth Vader Suit – Star Wars Darth Vader Character Suit Review for Halloween Costume Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/09/15