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It's the time of the year again when everyone starts their search for their own costume during the annual Halloween party. This event during the year is one of the most sought after occasion as it can be considered as the most exciting and fun event of the season and of course this event can also become a way for you to express your true self and become the center of everyone's attention. But the fun begins not at the party itself, it starts with the step-by-step planning process on what to wear during the event. Well, do you have your costume done already?

There are several things that you need to consider when looking for a costume; first would be the gender of the person who will wear the costume then the age group, is it a children's party, a teenage party or an adult party and lastly, what's your personal taste when it comes to looking for a costume, do you want the conservative type, the mysterious type, the sexy type or the funny type of costume. When you get all these basic questions answered then you are ready for some costume hunting of your own. Here are some tips for you to consider if you are boy:

The Darth Vader Costume

The Darth Vader Costume can be one of the best costumes that your child or you can wear if you are the mysterious type of person as you all know that Darth Vader's face is hidden behind a mask. The Darth Vader Costume can also be a great idea for those who want something new and eye-catching during the party besides when you are having a Halloween party, a character from the dark side will always be the best idea.

The Darth Vader Costume can be worn by children, teens, adults and even pets because of its simple get-up. You can find through the Internet a ready package of the Darth Vader Costume, from the shoes to the helmet and the entire suit. You can also have the breathing device that you hear from Darth Vader to make the entire costume realistic and in a sense during the Halloween party, creepy.

The Banana Costume

If you are the funny type of person then you might want to try something unusual especially during a Halloween Party where everyone thinks it is a good idea to wear something that is horrific. But, try out the banana costume and you'll surely have fun as well as those people who will be in the party. The Internet is full of shops wherein you can purchase a readymade banana costume. This is cool for all age groups; actually the younger or the older who wear the banana costume makes it funnier. Imagine a little baby with this costume and then imagine your grandpa wearing it, isn't it fun to be the center of the attention during the entire party?

So what are you waiting for, purchase your own costume now and have fun!

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Darth Vader Costume

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Darth Vader Costume

This article was published on 2011/09/26