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Couples costume ideas for Halloween are just fun. It's always good to match your mate, especially when you go to a costume party or are wandering around in the dark! The first step in selecting costumes is to decide what theme you want to dress in - spooky, sexy or just fun-loving. There are many costumes for couples available in all three.

Spooky Costumes

The Gothic Vampire and the Gothic Vampira is a classic match. Custom Vampire Fangs in Coffin are a great accessory for men and women usually prefer the "Love Bites" Deluxe Custom Fangs which comes in a heart box. The fangs just slip onto your original teeth which is way more comfortable than a plastic mouthpiece.

The costume is perfectly complemented with the Modern Vampire Wig for the man and either the Goth Vampira Wig or the Vamp Wig for the lady. Add a lovely piece of jewelry, perhaps the Blood Stone set, after all, even a lady of the night needs her jewels. Liquid blood caps and the Everlasting Kiss Kit top off the costumes. If you are into shoes, like I am, you will appreciate the black and red Vampyra adult shoes with an open toe.

If you don't want to be bloodsuckers, you might be interested in the Mummy King and Mummy Queen outfits or the Skeleton Zombie outfit matched with the Mummy Bride. For engaged or married people, the Corpse Groom and the Corpse Bride are a favorite. Make sure to make it realistic with the black rose bouquet for the corpse bride.

Sexy Couples Costumes

The Handsome Devil Elite costume is great for a man and it is even better with his girl dressed in the Devil's Delight costume on his arm.

Of course military costumes are attractive, and you've got to admit a Sailor's uniform is quite striking. Take a look at the Seafaring Sailor costume and the matching Sexy Sailor Adult Costume for women, complemented by the Matey Shoes. Don't you love the matching shoes? They are cute, ladies! They are blue and white "Matey" peep-toe shoes with a white bow topped by a red anchor, "Anchors Away " in these hot heels!

If you are into sports, the Pleated Penalizer Referee costume accompanied by those cute Taylor Boots, that are actually sneakers, goes great with the Tight End Adult Costume or the Everlast Boxer outfit. No unnecessary roughness going on here, Ref.

Robin Hood and Robyn Hood also make a great couple and Renaissance costumes are always a popular choice. Bring some gold coins for Robin to give to the poor (your friends!), after all, isn't that what he is famous for?

Fun Loving Couples Costumes

Now, couples costume ideas just wouldn't be complete without the Ball and Chain costume. This costume actually connects the couple with a strap. It is detachable of course. Great for those newly weds with a sense of humor.

The Plug and Socket costume is also very popular along with the Bacon and Eggs. You know, they just go together. These are sure to get a genuine laugh out of everyone. Perhaps you will win as the funniest costume of the party.

If you want to go back in time and look "groovy", you will love the Babe Adult Costume for Couples. It simulates Sonny and Cher and reminds us of the good old " I Got You Babe" days. If there is a grooviest prize, consider it won with this duo's costume.

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Couples Costume Ideas

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