Couple costumes - Here Are Some Cool Couple Halloween Costumes

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Couple costumes are certainly one of the best costume ideas you can come accross for you and your mate. Men and women can party together and be sure to recognize their half at the party. Plus, the possibilities are almost endless and you can choose styles from movies or real life, be these funny, scary or any other kind. Here are few couple costume ideas you can think of.

So we said movie costumes. Well two big movies, super productions come to my mind, and may be yours too : Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Though Alice is not a new story, the movie is and so are the costumes. So Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland costumes can be an excellent couple costume idea, the Mad Hatter for men and Alice or the Queen of Hearts for women.

As for Avatar, let's play with blue color! Jake Sully and Neytiri are two characters that will not be forgiven. You can be insanely popular if you party as a couple with these! In addition to the costumes you can find the specific Avatar makeup kits, and also accessories like wig, masks and weapons.

In the pure spirit of Halloween, vampires are creatures you want to embody, they always look great, elegant and sexy. The costumes, generally comes in black, white and red colors. Though you could take a random male and female vampire costumes, couple Halloween costumes exist and you will find both men and women version of a costume, such as the Gothic Vampire and Vampira Elite costumes. You may also find ghosts, mummy and many other couple costumes designed specifically for couples.

So you have a lot of possibilities. If you just have to think about movies you could find tons of couple costumes ideas. But you may also look at real life items, I once saw a salt and pepper costume, or ketchup and mustard one, Well these are for kitchen lovers but still you can match two complementary objects, or two totally opposite and have a great time partying like this!

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Check the Avatar Costumes we mentioned earlier or visit Couple Costumes for more great couple costume ideas.

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Couple costumes - Here Are Some Cool Couple Halloween Costumes

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This article was published on 2010/09/30